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A Long Way to High School

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

A century ago, students went to Blawenburg School through eighth grade. If they wanted to go to high school, they had to go to Skillman Station just off Camp Meeting Road and travel by train to attend Bound Brook High School. The station is long gone, but the tracks are still used today for freight trains.

Postcards such as the one above were a primary means of communication before telephone use was common. This card from around 1900 says, "Don't forget to write to me once in a while. How soon are you coming home? I am well hope you are the same. pks"

In this age of instant transportation and communication, taking a train to high school or sending a postcard instead of a text message or email seems unfathomable.

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Unknown member
06. Juli 2019

Wonderful image of the station

Gefällt mir
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