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About the Tales of Blawenburg

This blog seeks to paint a picture of the historic village, its people, and its surroundings by way of small vignettes. This is how I learned about the village over the 50 years I've lived in Blawenburg. 


Most of the information provided will be factual, but there are some recollections and stories that have been embellished over the years through retellings.  There might also be some vignettes that are fictional stories that living in Blawenburg has inspired. 


I'd like the readers of Tales of Blawenburg to participate in the blog by sharing thoughts, pictures, and memories they may have of the village.  Please feel free to add your comments to any and all of the tales.  Send any content that you have to:


Most of all, I hope you enjoy my efforts at capturing Blawenburg's past.


David Cochran


Photo credit: Bruce Daniels

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