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Thank You To My Blog Contributors!

It takes a village to make a blog, and the Village of Blawenburg is proof of that. I am grateful to all the people who have helped me create this blog.  I’m sure that I will miss someone in this list, so please forgive me if I don’t give you credit.  AND please let me know so I can add you to the list.

Thank you to:


Dr. Cathy Grimaldi for being a consultant, teacher, and web designer for the blog.


Barb Reid for editing the blogs.

Dr. John George for editing and support.


Richard Van Zandt for providing, pictures, stories, recollections, and information.


Bill and Jane Van Zandt for providing pictures, recollections, and information.


John and Martha Van Zandt for recollections of living on the Van Zandt farm for many years.


Rev. Jeff Knol for his photography.


Jim Beachell for recollections and support materials.


Nina Stryker for recollections.


Bonita Grant for information from Hopewell Museum.


Candy Willis for information from the Van Harlingen Historical Society.


Clem Fiori for pictures and information.

Dr. Steven Back for information. 

Jessie Havens for her reprinted story of the Green Flash and other leads..

Annie Hartshorne Allen for an article about Blawenburg Tavern.

Larry May for pictures and information.

Eric Perkins for information.

Reed Chapman for information.

Dudley Gaman for a guest blog and pictures.

Ken Chrusz for information and pictures.

Posthumous thanks to:


Walter Baker for his comprehensive Oral Histories and other works that he did for the Van Harlingen Historical Society

Ursula Brecknell for the amazing research she did for her book about the history of Montgomery Township as well as her effort to help Blawenburg gain acceptance to the National Historic Register.

Evelyn Cochran, for putting up with my writing habit for 50 years

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