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Tales of Blawenburg; Blog Index

This is an index of all the publications of the Tales of Blawenburg blog.  We initially differentiated between longer blogs (numbered) and picture posts (PP).  Effective with Blog 21, all entries are numbered.  

1    Where on Earth is Blawenburg NJ?

2    Before the Dutch Arrived

3    The Settlers of Blawenburg

PP  Still Farming

PP  Blawenburg’s Old Ash Tree

4    Getting to and from Blawenburg

5    What’s in a Name?

PP  Beneath the Bridge

6    Original Houses of Blawenburg: The First Farmstead in the Village, Part 1

PP  Van Zandt Farmstead 1939

PP  Uphill into Blawenburg

7    Original Houses of Blawenburg: The Nevius/Van Zandt Homestead, Part 2

PP  Blawenburg Cooling System

8    Sinterklaas:  A Dutch Tradition in Blawenburg

PP  Farewell Blawenburg Cafe

9    The Iconic Windmill of Blawenburg

10  Original Houses of Blawenburg: The Nevius/Van Zandt Homestead, Part 3

11  The Day 8,000 Visitors Came to Blawenburg

PP  The First Model T Cars in Blawenburg

PP  Preservation Award for the Smiths

PP  From Sylvan Lake Back to Rock Brook

12  Swimming at Blawenburg Beach

13  The Covenhoven/Stout Plantation

PP  The Smooth Stones of Blawenburg

14  Whatever Happened at the Green Flash Boarding House?

PP  Can You Identify these People?

15  Blawenburg Tavern

16  When the KKK Came to Blawenburg

PP  Blawenburg 1938

17  The Corner Store – A Chronology

PP  Getting Hitched

PP  Blawenburg Sunoco

18  Blawenburg’s Long Serving Postmaster, John Nevius Van Zandt

PP  A Long Way to High School

19  Hillpot’s Hilltop Store

20  The Summer of ‘64

PP  Three Patriots in WWII

21  Sweet Memories at the DQ

22  The Mountain View Boys Go Fishing – Dudley Gaman

23  A Church Comes to Blawenburg

24  World War I Casualty

25  From Blawenburg Kid to Movie Star

26  Halloween Horror in Blawenburg Cemetery

27  Annie’s House

28  A Good Blacksmith is Hard to Find

29  A Tale of Three Firehouses

30  What Goes Up, Must Come Down

31   The Burying Grounds of Blawenburg

32  Stagecoaches, Trains, and Buses

33  Blawenburg Band – Since 1890

34  Hauling Wood

35  Missing

36  Where John Blaw Lived

37  Bud’s Spring Beauties

38  The Chalice

39  Remembering Otto Kaufman

40  The Wedding Picture

41  Harvesting Hay the Old Fashioned Way

42  A Tragedy and a Celebration

43  Beady-eyed Villain with a Blawenburg Connection

44  Finding John Blaw

45  Lost Windmill Found

46  The Little-Known Poet Buried in Blawenburg


47  John Allen Wyeth Redux


48  Blaws Come to the New World  

49  Delivering Oil in the Good Old Days

50 The Hoaglands

51  The Preacher and the Trail of Tears

52  Blawenburg's Sears Houses

53  Launching a Dream in Blawenburg

54  Christmas in the Country Remembered

55  The Polling Family of Blawenburg

56  The Three Schools of Blawenburg

57  Blawenburg Spotters in World War II

58  Blawenburg Couples' Club

59  Blawenburg Potpourri

60  The Donner Party Was No Party

61  Growing Up in Blawenburg

62  The State Village — Part 1

63  The State Village — Part 2

64  The State Village — Part 3

65  The State Village — Part 4

66  Katherine Van Zandt, Blawenburg Poet and Teacher

67  How Not to Put Out a Fire

68  In Memory of Brood X

69  Blaw's Mill

70  Eagle Project Brings New Life to Cemetery

71  The Ghosts in the Old Parsonage

72  The Old Parsonage

73  The Other Blawenburg Village

74  When Adam Ansel Came to the Village

75  The Wandering Blaws

76  The Famous Preachers of Blawenburg

77  The Bats of Blawenburg

78  The Frog War and the M&S Demise

79  A Glimpse of the State Village

80  The Voorhees House

81 Mystery at the Old Tavern

82  A Day to Remember

83  Farewell to an Old Friend

84  First Responders

85  A New Home for the Lost Windmill

86  The Blawenburg Bypass

87  The Slaves of Blawenburg, Part 1

88  The Slaves of Blawenburg, Part 2

89  The Slaves of Blawenburg, Part 3

90  The Slaves of Blawenburg, Part 4

91  Troop 46, Serving Youth for 90 Years

92  Memories of Troop 46

93  Memories of Blawenburg

94  Hobler Park, A Blawenburg Treasure

95  The Dark Side of Blawenburg

96  GAR Camp Skillman

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