10. The Original Houses of Blawenburg: The Nevius/Van Zandt Homestead, Part 3

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

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Model Farm with Modern Farmers

fhis is the third blogf in the Original Houses of Blawenburg Series. In Part 1 (blog #6) we learned how Peter and Altje Nevius came to Blawenburg and built the first farmstead. In Part 2 (blog # 7) we learned how the farm transferred to the Van Zandts. In this blog we will explore how the Van Zandt farm known as Broad View Farm became a model farm for the agricultural community.

The following paragraph from the National Register of Historic Places nomination in 1988 summarizes the importance of the Van Zandts to the history of Blawenburg.

“This house (Nevius/Van Zandt farmstead) is the oldest residence in the District. Its owners, the Van Zandt Family, generation by generation, played a significant role in the life of the village ranging from contributions to the church, providing a community cemetery, serving as storekeeper and postmaster, running a model farm and introducing advanced technology, and finally founding the area's agricultural supply and equipment center, which contributed to the modernization of 20th-century farming.”

If you are like me, you have trouble remembering who came first, when it comes to genealogy and historical events. This is especially difficult when many long-standing families name successive generations with the first names of the previous generation. So, a recap is in order. (See blog #7 for details on this recap.)

The Story Continues