59 Blawenburg Potpourri

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In this issue of Tales of Blawenburg, we share a potpourri of pictures, comments, and news related to Blawenburg.

Some Things Never Change

Sheep at Greenflash Farm

This pastoral scene looks like a picture taken over 100 years ago, but it was taken within the past two years. Sheep are eating and resting on Greenflash Farm, the former Covenhoven Farm on Mountain View Road that was established in 1753. If you look at the center of the picture near the top, you can see the steeple of Blawenburg Church, which was built 191 years ago and established as the Dutch Reformed Church at Blawenburg in 1832.

This scene could look the same 50 years from now since the Gallup family put this land in Farmland Preservation several years ago. The land adjacent to it on the west side is Hobler Park, which is owned by Montgomery Township.

A Moveable Feast

Greenflash chickens

In another picture from the Greenflash Farm, we see free-range chickens. Their roost-on-wheels (aka, portable chicken hotel) is shown at the top of the picture. The roost is moved about the fields frequently to new locations, which are being organically restored with help from the chickens, sheep, and hogs.

A Sign of the Times