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Enjoy an Afternoon of Local History at BRC on March 7

 On Saturday, March 7, Van Harlingen Historical Society and Blawenburg Church will present a free afternoon of history for the community at Blawenburg Church.  The program, entitled Tales of Blawenburg, will begin at 2:00pm with a multimedia presentation by local educator and author David Cochran.  The presentation will chronicle several periods of time in the history of Blawenburg.

Some of the questions that will be answered in the presentation include:

  • Who were the indigenous people in this area?  When were they here and why did they leave?

  • When did the Dutch arrive and why did they come to Montgomery Township?

  • How did Blawenburg get its name?

  • When did the historic village develop and what led to its development?

  • Which were the first houses and businesses built in the young village?

  • When/how was Blawenburg Church built and how did it serve the village and farm residents?

  • What are some unique events that drew thousands of people to Blawenburg over the years?


The program will also tell the tales of some famous people who were connected with Blawenburg – a famous business family, a long-serving postmaster, entertainers including a child star and two Hollywood actors, one of New Jersey’s oldest bands, and a world-famous scientist.

Following the presentation, there will be an opportunity for self-guided tours of the 1830 sanctuary.  Guides will be on hand to provide information about the history of Blawenburg Church and to answer questions. 

The program will continue in Cook Hall where exhibits about the history of Blawenburg prepared by the Van Harlingen Historical Society will be displayed.  Photos and artifacts from the Society’s archives will relate to the Dutch beginnings, Blawenburg Church and Cemetery, the general store and post office, the Blawenburg Band, and more.  Refreshments will be served.

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